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 Reoccurring dreams about cats?

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Reoccurring dreams about cats? Empty
PostSubject: Reoccurring dreams about cats?   Reoccurring dreams about cats? EmptyFri Jun 18, 2010 6:05 am

I keepn having dreeams about cats... each dream is different... BUT ALL ABOUT CATS! last night, i remember in my dream seeing a cat walking and thats all i remember. 2 nights ago i had a dream a cat kept biting me along with this evil stuffed animal bunny with red eyes. This bunny in real life is in my living room. btw. And that dream i was at my granpas house. Another dream i had last night i was stealing a bunch of stuffed animals [i don't steal] and i just realized now THAT THEY WERE STUFFED CATS! please help i'm freaked!
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Reoccurring dreams about cats?
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